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  The Risk Management Process is both challenging and complex. That's why we're here to help. It's also why we have Certified Risk Managers on staff. The process begins with the identification of both property and liability loss exposures. Secondly comes an analysis of those loss exposures in order to determine their severity and potential financial threat to your business or organization.

Next in this process is the evaluation of the various techniques available to treat both property and liability loss exposures. These techniques include Risk Avoidance, Loss Control, Retention, Non-Insurance Transfer, and Insurance Transfer.

Then it is important to select the most effective techniques that make the most sense for your business or organization. Of course, those techniques then need to be properly implemented. Furthermore, it's important to continue monitoring this Risk Management Process while making adjustments along the way.

Our risk management skills are incorporated in much of the work that we do for our clients on an ongoing basis. We can also offer risk management services apart from our business insurance services on a separate fee basis.